Fractalpus is a sound collage and mashup project I started to tinker with a few years ago and have been given the opportunity to bring new life to it.

The goal of the project is to create compositions from existing sounds in our universe. I’ve always been a huge lover of sampling and think it has it’s place in the spectrum of Found Art.

Further, the goal of the project is to collect familiar and somewhat less familiar sounds and mix them together to create something new. I want to experiment with all types of ideas, everything from creating just good mixes towards wild mixes of combining textures and sounds in contrasting or complimenting ways, or just for fun.

Eventually, I want to take my favorite compositions and re-score them and re-instrument them into completely new compositions. Which was the original goal of this project. I was thinking beyond just a simple, that’s cool mashup, to the next step in potential music evolution. At least in the world of Fractalpus.

I’m inspired by many artist, but I found a lot of inspiration on this project from and endless influence of the Hip Hop genre and deeper with the artists, The Avalanches, Soulwax (2 Many DJs), Girl Talk, Hood Internet, Aphex Twin, and many-many more.

If you are interested in following Fractalpus for updates please check out the YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and the Twitter account. I have registered the url, but haven’t posted much (or anything) on there yet. Please check back on that as that may no longer be the case and it could be filled with rich content and experiments.