Dano Manion

'How Do I Say' Website

How Do I Say (dot) com

How-Do-I-Say.com is a website to quickly practice or learn words and phrases in the users current language of interest. It was designed to help users learn their favorite language by teaching them common phrases used in the language they are trying to learn. This website is still new and I only have a few languages listed, but as the site grows I will be adding other languages and features.

My goal is to eventually have this rewritten in Elixir using the Phoenix Framework. I’d like to start automating the creation of audio and video.

The goals of this project were:

  1. Build something light and useful
  2. Reinforce and help others learn a language of their choice
  3. Test out SEO strategies to see if this type of thing could rank well on google, bing, etc
    • I was testing domain keyword value, e.g. search: “How do I say hello in french” would be met with a URL how-do-i-say.com/hello-french/
  4. Place Ads on the site to see if I could generate some revenue from this
  5. Automation of repetitive tasks

Platform: Jekyll
Link to Website: how-do-i-say.com