Dano Manion

Virtual Box Notes


  • Opensource Hypervisor that is free and widely avaible for several different types of OSs.

  • Hypervisor: also known as a Virtual Machine Monitor is a piece of software that enables a user to simultaneously run one or more OSs which are known as Virtual Machines.
    • Type 1: Bare Metal or Native Hypervisor. Runs directly on hardware.
    • Type 2: Hosted Hypervisor. Installed on a host OS like Windows. Virtual Box is Type 2 sofware.
  • Virtual Machine: called a guest system.

Fun Facts

  • Guest Additions: Add on software packages added to virtual box.
    • Shared folder
  • A Dynamically allocated disk will only use what it needs and grows later depending on needed data usage.
  • A fixed size will litterally eat up space whether or not the guest needs it or not.

Machine States

  1. Save the machine state: freezes exactly where it is.
  2. Send the shutdown signal: It’s like hitting the power button
  3. Power off the machine: turns off the machine without saving anything. PLEASE AVOID!


  • Let’s you group machines together if you are using them together.


  • A snapshot not only preserves the complete state of all the virtual disks that are attached to the guest machine but also stores a complete copy of the VM settings, including the hardware configuration in an XML text file. Thus, when you restore a snapshot, the VM settings are restored as well as all the configuration files are stored in the XML format, so it takes very little space to store all the information.


  • his feature helps to create the golden image or base image as well.
  • Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards, every network card attached to the clone VM (Destination VM) gets a new MAC address assigned.
    • If you don’t select it, the clone will have the same MAC address as the source VM. This will produce a MAC address collision in the network layer if you decide to use the source VM and cloned VM in the same network


  • VirtualBox can virtualize 6 types of networking hardware.
    • AMD PCNet FAST III is the default hardware because it is supported by most of the current operating systems out of the box.
    • The Intel PRO/1000 MT desktop driver works with operating systems such as Microsoft Vista and later versions.


  • Network Address Translation (NAT): Best for browsing within the VM
  • More

Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • Works out of the box!

Virtual Disks

  • Virtual Media Manager is used to either view or change these known media. VMM can be accessed from the File menu in the VirtualBox main window.


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