Dano Manion

SEO Notes

Meta Tags

  • Title
    • SEO Notes format
  • Description: make this something that would entise the user to click on your site. Use relevent keywords. This is often the description SE use as your teaser.
    • Truncate at 160 characters
  • Keywords: are DEAD ⚰️ (1990-something to 2009)

URL Structure

  • Make it readible, think humans first
  • Only use urls like /2016/01/21/update, /2016/01/31/update, if they make sense. E.g. Time sensative.
  • Url Structure.
  • Stop Using “Stop-Words”
    • E.g. “and”, “or”, “but”, “of”, “the”, “a”, etc
    • “How-to” is okay.

Social Media Stuff

  • Open Graph
    • Created by Facebook as a way to better prepopulate descriptions and understand a page better.
  • Twitter Card

Open Graph tags for Jekyll

SEO Checklist

Adding Content Soon

Private Notes


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