Dano Manion

MySql Notes

What is mysql?

  • It’s an open source and free database

What is a table?

  • A set of columns and rows

What is a column?

  • A set of data of a single type? like first_name, last_name and can be made up of strings, integers, etc.

What is a row?

  • A single record of data that contain details like Kevin, Smith, [email protected], info about Kevin

What is a Field

  • Is an intersection of a column and a row for example, first_name: "Kevin"

What is an Index?

  • A Data structure on a table that increases lookups, works like an index in a book.

Foreigh key

  • Table column whose values reference rows in another table
  • IT’s the foundation of relational databases

What is CRUD

  • An acronym that stands for the 4 most basic operations performed by a database.
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete

Code Snippets

menu_name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL, position INT(3) NOT NULL, visible TINYINT(1), PRIMARY KEY (id) );