Dano Manion

ES6 Notes


  • Noted similarities to Coffeescript 😊☕
    • except for the zero param arrow function syntax
  • Uses proper tail recursion


  • Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
    • Browsers enforce the single origin model:
      • Requests must match the page’s scheme, hostname, and port
      • Exception: images, scripts, video/audio, embeds
      • Example: example.com requests JSON from json.com, fails
    • Browser can request cross-origin access via CORS
      • Adds origin header on requests
        • Server sends access-control-allow-origin if allowed
      • Get rid of hacks like 'jsonp'

ES6 Features



  1. JS.Next ES6/ES2015
  2. ES6 Rest and Spread Explained
  3. ReactJS and ES6 - React.js Fundamentals and Advanced LiveLessons
  4. Working with the Fetch API