Dano Manion

Google Analytics Notes

Online Objects

  1. ecommerce - sell products / services
  2. lead generation - collect user info, test strategies and landing pages
  3. content publishers - encourage repeat visits
  4. branding - awareness and loyalty


  • Click
  • Buy
  • Exit
  • New user
  • Repeat visitor


  1. All Web Site Data
  2. Master View
  3. Test View


  • Attribution - Assigning credit for sales and conversions. The process for assigning credit for sales and conversions.
  • Attribution Model - Rules that define how to assign credit for sales and conversions.
  • Conversion - A completed acticvity that you deep important to your business goals.
    • Example: signing up for a newsletter
  • Dimension - Describes characteristics of a piece of data.
    • Example: City name or state is a dimension of location
  • Event - An action that is tracked when a user interacts with content.
  • Goal - Used to track discrete actions and their value.
    • Example: Purchasing more then $5 worth of products
  • Hit - An interaction that sends data to Google Analytics
    • Example: Viewing a page
  • Metric - An individual element of a dimension that can be measured as a sum or ratio.
  • Pageview - When a page is loaded, or reloaded, in the browser.
  • Segment - A set of users that share common attributes.
  • Session - The period of time a user is active on your site.
    • Default: 30 minutes
  • Source / Medium
    • Source - us the origin of the traffic, where medium is the category of that source.
    • Example: Facebook / Social