Dano Manion


Much of this site is built using a wide range of Open Source technology and Creative Commons artwork and photography. I would like to thank those contributors here. I would also like to thank Github for both supporting and providing many of these Open Source projects but for also allowing me to host this site free of charge on their GitHub Pages.

Built Using

  • GitHub Pages - A place to host both human and computer generated static HTML websites.

Open Source Technology

  • Theme forked from Jekyll Swiss Theme by Diana Mounter AKA broccolini
  • Jekyll - Static Website Generator
    • Why Jekyll? Well if you spend 5 minutes looking over your OSSEC alerts, you’ll immediately see the benefit of running a site that has less attack vectors. Simple is better. That, and if a break in occurs I don’t want to be a Sad 🐼.
  • Ruby - Matz & Countless Contributors
  • Sass - CSS Pre-Processor.
    • Never write CSS the same again and grow a dislike for any new project you take on written in plain vanilla CSS.
  • Bundler - Ruby Gem Package Manager
  • Git - Linus Torvalds answer to less-then-desirable repository software.
    • As a pixel designer SVN used to drive me nuts!
  • Google Fonts - Thank you post Web 2.0 Web World. Thank you!

Creative Commons Artwork

  • Soon!